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SWAG is a network dedicated to all those people who simply want to start discovering, earning and using Bitcoin simply and consciously alongside the best experts in the field. We are a community of true fans of the Crypto, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining world who share one great goal: to progress as protagonists and grow together with the Bitcoin revolution.

Swag Mining

To support Bitcoin’s infrastructure we have invested in co-located mining facilities where we produce Bitcoin directly with our mining units.

Swag Network

A platform dedicated to all those who want to get a job from activities related to the promotion of Swag Mining and Swaggy products.

Swaggy App

Our App to manage in complete freedom and autonomy your Bitcoins together with an IBAN account and a CREDIT CARD always accessible.

Partners & Associations

Swag cooperates with crypto association to support the financial innovation and the introduction of the blockchain in wider industries.

Thanks to its partnerships it can offer to its customers a convenient and competitive product