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Swaggy, your best choise

Swaggy is the multi-platform system that allows you to manage your wallet, your cryptocurrencies,
all your transactions in real-time and securely, also opening doors to the world of mining, in a
simple and direct way. Everything in real-time and securely, thanks to a product at your fingertips
with just a click.

Operations with major cryptocurrencies

You will finally be able to manage all your transactions independently, quickly and anywhere.

Send and receive Euros

Your new IBAN will allow you to make withdrawals and deposits throughout Europe.

Security and technology

Your privacy is safe thanks to the continuous implementation of the highest technological standards.

Partners & Associations

Swag collaborates with Cryptocurrency Industry Associations to support financial innovation and the introduction of blockchain into ever-widening industries. Thanks to the partnerships established, Swag can provide its clients with a beneficial and competitive product.