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With Swaggy you buy, sell, receive and send Euro but also Bitcoin and the main cryptocurrencies in absolute security. Using them for all your payments is easy and safe.



With Swaggy you can enter immediately in the world of mining thanks to all the experience of Swag. Live the blockchain as a protagonist!

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Not just an app, much more than a tool designed to give you 100% management of your Swaggy account. Get ready to make the most of the potential of tools designed to maximize your capital. The revolution starts with the name, because YUPA, Your Unconventional Personal Assistant, is the future for you, to guide you through the world of Crypto. The avatar at your disposal will be able to always advise you, guiding you from the exchange to the best mining machines, from managing your wallet to the new tools proposed by Swaggy. Today is the time to change and enter the future!

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Managing your wallet has never been easier. Swaggyapp is designed to allow you to manage all the functionalities of your wallet fully and easily Activate Swaggy’s tools now to enhance your wallet, top up your account, make payments and transfers in the fastest and most reliable way, and get used to the best, because from today you won’t be able to do without it.

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Sentyment is the innovative, Artificial Intelligence-based tool designed and built to offer the Swaggy user an analysis of cryptocurrency market trends. Sentyment simultaneously analyzes the market and the user’s habits, and through a simple and intuitive graphical interface, provides suggestions on possible fluctuations and solutions to be adopted. Three colors, three possible scenarios, three suggestions. Integrate Sentyment into your Swaggy wallet now and anticipate market moves.

Sentyment Auto

The new frontier of Artificial Intelligence arrives on Swag with SentymentAuto. Keeping up with the trends of cryptocurrencies is too demanding, and you might risk missing the right moment to buy or sell? Problem solved.
Automatic Sentyment allows you to entrust a predetermined amount from your wallet to Artificial Intelligence, optimizing its management. Its powerful software, operational 24/7, automates cryptocurrency operations, eliminating possible errors.


In partnership with Coincover, Swaggy now offers its users all the security of a wallet protected by a comprehensive guarantee to protect against theft, attacks or extortion by third parties. Two levels of coverage to defend your BTC deposit against electronic theft, hacking, loss of private access keys, phishing, malicious software, trojans and worms. A coverage of the highest level designed to offer users a complete platform in which to operate in absolute peace of mind using the best available technologies.

Future of Value

Swaggy offers you the possibility to complete your wallet with the exclusive tool “Future of Value”, a project created to offer you the possibility to know the world of cryptocurrencies, statistics and historical trends. But also to be able to compare the various cryptocurrencies to understand how to diversify your portfolio, which ones to check and how to understand the most interesting aspects.