• 1.1 Registration

    To create a new account, please follow these steps:

    1. Enter your name, surname, repeat your email address and the chosen password twice and enter your country of residence and your tax code.

    You must then accept the Terms and Conditions and confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy. In case you’d like to receive Swaggy communications, including daily reports on the production of your machines, also click on “I want to subscribe to the Newsletter”. Then, click on “Continue”;

    1. On the next page, to complete your registration, please provide the sponsor code of the promoter who introduced you to Swaggy by clicking on “Yes, I have a code” and then, after entering the sponsor code, on “Confirm”;
    2. In case you don’t have a sponsor code, click on “No code” and then on “Continue”;
    3. You will now receive an email with a link to activate your account at the email address you previously entered;
    4. By clicking on the link in the email, you will be redirected to a screen of confirmation. You will now be able to login to Swaggy with your email address and password;
    5. Next, we invite you to complete the KYC process of verification of your profile by logging in directly at https://kyc.swaggyapp.com/sign-in?_locale=en with the same credentials you use to log in on Swaggy. You can follow the guide at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swQoys3f2fY;
    6. When your KYC process is approved, you will find the “Go to the VO” button within the Swaggy app, which will redirect you to the Virtual Office login page;
    7. Login to the Virtual Office using the same credentials you use to access Swaggy and clicking on “I’m not a robot”.

    In case you would like to sign up as a promoter, after following the above steps:

      1. Within your Virtual Office, click on the “Become Swag Promoter” button that you will find at the top of the home screen;
      2. Choose the Kit and complete the registration with the payment of the order (enter your personal data if requested);
      3. You will be redirected to the login page of your Virtual Office and, at this point, always logging in with your email address and password, you can view both the orders previously made as a customer, and the orders that you will make as a promoter.

    In case you would like to sign up as a promoter, after following the above steps:

    1. Within your Virtual Office, click on the “Become Swag Promoter” button that you will find at the top of the home screen;
    2. Choose the Kit and complete the registration with the payment of the order (enter your personal data if requested);
    3. You will be redirected to the login page of your Virtual Office and, at this point, always logging in with your email address and password, you can view both the orders previously made as a customer, and the orders that you will make as a promoter.
  • 1.2 Login

    To access the Swaggy app, from the https://my.swaggyapp.com/login page, you will need to enter the email address you registered with and the password you chose during registration as your credentials. Then click on “Continue”, enter your 2FA code and click on “Login”.

    If you receive an error message about incorrect credentials, please try again first, paying attention to any spaces and capital letters and ignoring the automatic entry. If the problem persists, you can reset the password by clicking on “Forgot Password?”.
    In case you don’t find the email containing the instructions to reset your password in your main inbox, we suggest you to check all the subfolders of your inbox (Offers, Social etc.) and the Spam folder.

  • 1.3 What to do if my account is locked

    If you get the error message “Account blocked for maximum access attempts”, you will need to reset your webpin code by clicking on “Forgot Webpin”.
    In case you don’t find the email containing the instructions to reset the webpin code in your main inbox, we recommend you to check all the subfolders of your inbox (Offers, Social etc.) and the Spam folder.

  • 1.4 How to enable the 2FA code

    You can enable the two-factor authentication code yourself from your Swaggy app by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner, under the “Security” section.

  • 1.5 How to disable the 2FA code

    In case of loss or breakage of your smartphone or in case you have accidentally uninstalled the Authenticator app from your device, in order to disable 2FA on your account you will need to contact our support team at [email protected] by sending a photo of your face with a clearly visible ID in your hand to verify your identity.

  • 1.6 How to buy, sell or send BTC

    To perform any crypto buy/sell operation via exchange or send crypto to another wallet, you will need to enter the confirmation code you will receive via email or, in case you have 2FA enabled, you will need to enter the code generated by the Authenticator app installed on your device.

  • 1.7 How can I check the fees and limits?

    You can review all of your Swaggy wallet’s exchange fees and limits by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner, in the “Fee and Limits” section.


  • 2.1 How to complete the KYC procedure

    You can complete the KYC process of verifying your profile by logging in directly at http://kyc.swaggyapp.com with the same credentials you use to access Swaggy. You can follow the guide at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax7wmHrgrjU to complete the process.

  • 2.2 I’ve already done the KYC. Do I need to repeat the process?

    If you have already completed the KYC procedure but not the risk questionnaire, you will not have to repeat the whole procedure, but only complete the questionnaire to restore full functionality of your Swaggy account.

  • 2.3 Which documents do I need to upload?

    You may upload your passport or ID card as identification. Health insurance card or driver license are not accepted.
    We recommend that you remove your documents from the plastic case in order to avoid possible light reflections that could worsen the quality of the photo.
    We also recommend that you record the identification video directly during the KYC procedure, so that the video format will be supported by the platform. As a proof of residence you must upload a document issued no more than 3 months ago. Your name, address, date of issue and the institution that issued the document must be present and in clear view.

  • 2.4 Which documents are accepted as proof of residency?

    Documents accepted as proof of residency are:

    • A utility bill in your name with your residential address and date clearly visible.
    • A bank statement in your name with your address and date clearly visible.
    • A certificate of residence issued by the municipality on plain paper.
  • 2.5 Which address should I enter?

    If your home address is different from the address on your ID, you must state your real address in the personal information section, which must match the address on your proof of address.

  • 2.6 How quickly will I receive the result of the audit?

    Once the process has been completed, the external entity responsible for verifying your profile reserves up to 24 hours before reporting the outcome.

  • 2.7 What to do if the procedure is not approved

    If you are asked to repeat the KYC procedure, you will be notified of the parts that need to be changed and you will need to update only the flagged sections.

  • 2.8 Who needs to complete the risk questionnaire?

    The questionnaire is to be completed by all promoters and customers who have a Swaggy account.

  • 2.9 What does important public office mean?

    Important public offices include the following: Head of State, Prime Minister, Minister, Vice-Minister, Undersecretary, President of a Region, Regional Councillor, Mayor of a provincial capital or metropolitan city, Mayor of a municipality with a population of not less than 15,000 inhabitants, as well as similar positions in foreign states.

  • 2.10 What does executor mean?

    The executor is defined as a person who is entitled to carry out the client’s decisions.

  • 2.11 What if I have completed only the eMoney KYC?

    If you had only done the eMoney KYC, you will need to complete the Swaggy KYC in its entirety, filling out both the biographical and residency portion, as well as the risk questionnaire.


  • 3.1 What is it?

    The Swaggy App will allow you to have your favourite Exchange platform always available on your mobile device. You will be able to perform all crypto transactions from your smartphone and use additional services that are not present in the web version of Swaggy, such as YUPA.

  • 3.2 Where can I find it and where do I download it?

    You can download the Swaggy App at the following links: 

    Or you can search for Swaggy in your own store and download it from there.

  • 3.3 Does it cost anything?

    No, you can download the Swaggy App free of charge.

  • 3.4 How do I login?

    You can login to the Swaggy App the same way and with the same credentials you use to access the web version, i.e. by using the email address you registered with Swaggy as your username and entering your password and the 2FA code you will find in the Google Authenticator App.

  • 3.5 What functionalities does it have? What differences are there with the web version?

    In the Swaggy App you will find all the functionalities of the Exchange, so you will be able to send/receive and buy/sell crypto. In addition, additional services such as Sentyment, Coincover, Future of Value and YUPA will be available.
    The cryptocurrencies available in the App are BTC and ETH.
    Registration must also be done from the web version of Swaggy, and for the time being it is not possible to carry out the KYC verification procedure within the App. We also remind you to do the KYC and wait for approval, without which the login cannot be done.


  • 4.1 How to connect my personal bank account

    To link your personal bank account to your Swaggy account, you need to make a transfer to Swaggy (we recommend sending a minimum of 3 Euros).

    The transfer must be made from a personal account in your name. The transfer must necessarily be on SEPA circuit.

  • 4.2 Where do I find the details to make the transfer?

    You can find all the transfer details within your Swaggy app by clicking on “TOP UP”.

  • 4.3 Co-owned bank account

    If you and another user have a joint bank account, you can only link this account to one Swaggy account.
    The account holder who makes the first transaction on his or her Swaggy wallet will be recognized as the only valid account holder.

  • 4.4 How quickly will I be able to see the credit on my account?

    Transfers usually take 2-3 business days to reach our systems and be credited to your Swaggy account, depending on your bank’s processing time. If you sent a transfer to your Swaggy account without the reason of the payment, the transfer will take an additional 24 hours to be verified and manually credited to your Swaggy account.


  • 5.1 What’s the Sentyment?

    Do you want to get anticipations on market trends and indications on when to buy or sell your Bitcoins? With artificial intelligence and Swaggy Sentyment now you can!
    Swaggy Sentyment is an artificial intelligence based tool that can analyze the market and give indications on the market trend and, therefore, on when it is more profitable to buy and/or sell your Bitcoins through a red, yellow and green “traffic light”.
    The red traffic light indicates that the market is in a probable decreasing phase; the yellow traffic light indicates that the market is in an uncertain phase; the green traffic light indicates that the market is in a growing phase.

  • 5.2 How to turn the Sentyment on

    To activate the Sentyment, sign in to your Swaggy app. On the right hand side, you’ll find a banner inviting you to activate the free 30-day trial.
    Once the trial is over, you’ll be asked if you’d like to activate the paid version.

  • 5.3 How much will the service cost after the free trial?

    At the end of the free trial, you will be able to activate one of the two available options:

    • Manual Sentyment, available for only 9.90€ per month.
      With this option you will be able to decide in complete autonomy whether to follow the indications of the Sentyment and, manually, to proceed with the buying and selling operations.
    • Automated Sentyment (not yet available), at 19.90€ per month.
      Thanks to this option, the artificial intelligence will carry out the buying and selling operations based on the market trend in complete autonomy and you won’t have to worry about anything. The payment will be on an annual basis, so make sure you have enough credit.


  • 6.1 What’s Coincover?

    Swaggy allows you to protect your wallet with technology from Coincover, the brand that ensures the highest security standards for cryptocurrency deposits.
    You can choose the plan that best suits your needs!

  • 6.2 What plans can I choose from?

    You can choose from two different plans:

    • BASIC at a cost of 25€ per year. Deposit protection up to $100,000 on the reliability of the exchange.
    • PRO at 50€ per year. Deposit protection up to $250,000 on the reliability of the exchange. Up to $10,000 in case of wallet theft.
  • 6.3 How to activate Coincover

    When you access your Swaggy app, you will find the Coincover protection section on the left by clicking on the “INSURANCE” section.


  • 7.1 What is Future Value?

    Future Value is a service offered by SWAG that allows you to analyse and evaluate the best crypto assets available on the market.

    The main goal of Future Value is to provide the user with the necessary tools to assess the worthiness of an investment as a whole. For Future Value, it is crucial to push the users to learn and use their own head by making assessments based on objective data and not follow the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or the advice of improvised experts.

  • 7.2 How to buy it?

    The subscription can be purchased by logging into Swaggy and clicking on the Future Value section in the menu. Within the Future Value section, the user can choose the plan that best suits his or her needs. The subscription can only be paid in BTC and the monthly instalments will be taken automatically.

  • 7.3 Which plans can I choose from?

    The user can choose between two plans, depending on his or her needs:

    Base Plan, free of charge, which has a limited number of crypto asset analyses available.
    Pro Plan, available for EUR 8.99 per month, which includes the analysis of all crypto assets in the system and an in-depth thematic section.

  • 7.4 How is the quality and robustness of a crypto asset analysed?

    Analyses are carried out with an objective, quantitative and scientific approach, without any conflict of interest, and artificial algorithms that collect and process information from multiple data sources are used.

  • 7.5 What is calculated?

    For each crypto asset, a value (the FV Score) that provides a synthetic evaluation taking into account more than 30 parameters is calculated.

    Of these, the 3 main macro-parameters are the following:

    • Project, which assesses the overall quality of the project in terms of importance of the use case, innovation, code quality, technology, market positioning and degree of decentralisation.
    • Hype, which evaluates community outreach, social media buzz, number of developers, investors, team and so on.
    • Token Economics, which evaluates the market cap, the amount of circulating currency, price stability, distance from the historical maximum value, the possibility of staking or mining and DeFi (decentralised finance) opportunities.

    The FV Score varies over time, as artificial intelligence algorithms learn (so-called machine learning) and the ranking of crypto assets changes accordingly.

  • 7.6 Which risk profiles can I choose from?

    The ranking of crypto assets also varies according to the risk profile chosen by the user (medium, high or very high).

    As the risk profile increases, the FV Score model will give more preference to parameters related to the potential growth of crypto assets. Crypto assets with higher growth potential are in fact characterised by higher risk.

  • 7.7 How many crypto assets are analysed?

    Future Value analyses more than 150 crypto assets. Every week 2 new crypto assets are added and the valuations of all crypto assets are constantly updated.

  • 7.8 What other features does Future Value contain?

    Future Value does not allow you to buy cryptos directly, but it does list the Exchanges on which you can buy them.
    It also provides the user with a Wallet where crypto assets can be entered and their performance monitored. For each crypto asset entered, the main events that affect it and that will take place in the near future are also reported.
    It is also possible to monitor a crypto asset before buying it and there is a feature that allows you to compare different cryptos.

  • 7.9 Am I entitled to commissions for registering my clients to Future Value?

    Yes, Future Value subscriptions guarantee direct and indirect commissions on the value of the product, as per the Compensation Plan.


  • 8.1 What is YUPA?

    YUPA is not a simple app, it’s much more. It is a tool designed to give you 100% management of your Swaggy account. Get ready to make the most of the potential of tools designed to maximise your capital.

    The revolution starts with the name, because YUPA (Your Unconventional Personal Assistant) is the future for you, to guide you through the world of crypto. The avatar at your disposal will be able to advise you at all times, guiding you from the exchange to the best mining machines, from managing your wallet to the new tools offered by Swaggy.

    YUPA is based on ever-evolving artificial intelligence technology. Today you change and enter the future!

  • 8.2 Where to find it and how to activate it?

    You can only activate YUPA from the Swaggy App. Once you are logged into the app, go to the “Subscriptions” section on the left and click on YUPA to activate it. YUPA is only available in the Swaggy App and cannot be used in the web version.

    You can find links to download the Swaggy App in the relevant FAQ section.

  • 8.3 How does it work?

    After answering the appropriate fact-finding questions, YUPA will proceed to make proposals based on an analysis of your interests, availability and habits.

    YUPA will ask you a series of questions to which you must simply answer yes or no, so that the software can analyse your characteristics.

    YUPA will then advise you of the best bargains on the market, irrespective of the SWAG product offers. It might, for example, suggest that you take advantage of the right time to buy ETH and, by answering “yes” to the proposal, YUPA will autonomously proceed with the purchase after the necessary confirmation.

    Responsibility for proposals:

    YUPA is a software based on a specific artificial intelligence engine. The proposals, based on the cognitive responses provided by the user, on the expertise of the software, and on the constant analysis of the investment possibilities proposed by the market, are formulated with total autonomy by the software and accepted with equal autonomy by the user.

  • 8.4 Why does YUPA need to know me?

    In order to interact correctly and formulate the best and most appropriate proposals, YUPA needs to know the user. Through a series of questions, the software based on Artificial Intelligence, will analyse the answers by drawing a careful profile of the user and will then proceed to adapt the proposals to the profile created. It is therefore very important to always answer truthfully so that you can get the most out of YUPA and personalise it in an exclusive and unique way.

  • 8.5 What do the answers and authorisations given to YUPA imply in terms of traceability?

    The moment you answer “yes” to YUPA and authorise it to take an action, the entire data package consisting of date and time, device, master data, application version, accepted offer data, etc. is irreversibly encrypted (according to current technology) and saved on the blockchain via smart contract. Your authorisation will have the value of a contract between Swag, which takes a mandate from the customer, and the blockchain.

  • 8.6 How much does it cost and which plans can I choose from?

    YUPA is on promotion, so for now, you can use it for free.

  • 8.7 Does my clients’ subscription to YUPA guarantee commission?

    Certainly, when the promotion for YUPA ends, this will ensure both direct and indirect commissions on the product value, as outlined in the Compensation Plan available in the Swag Documents section of your virtual office.