The Top Reasons Not to Miss the Opportunity to Get Into Swag’s World

PRESS RELEASE. From Estonia to take over Europe. Swag today represents one of the mining platform with the highest growth rate in Europe. Here are the 5 reasons that will let Swag keep growing, becoming a market top player.

A simple, clean and tailor made mining service – Swag offers to its customers an all inclusive service, with no worries, no problem, no concerns. Users don’t have to take care of it at all. The user can choose to rent a mining machine for a period that goes from 1 to 3 years, paying in one single solution all the costs related to hardware, to the needed electricity for the whole contract and to maintenance. Customers, on a daily basis, can monitor how the mining activity is going. Of course it’s all about machines with top level ashrate, stable, reliable and granted from the best partners at an international level.

SWAG’s top global partners – Only the best brands can work with Swag to offer to their customers the best mining experience ever, safe and reliable. That’s why Swag made a partnership with worldwide recognized partners, to be able to mine bitcoin at the best possible market conditions and offering the end user maximum peace of mind. It is therefore no coincidence that today there are over 5 thousand Swag machines spread in the main international mining farms, connected to the most important mining pools in the world.

From mining to our clients – Swaggy is Swag’s extra edge. A virtual wallet where the results of the rented machines is constantly credited; in an automated and simple way, with no other worries for the end user. Swaggy is a real digital bridge between crypto and fiat currency, between traditional and digital, between present and future.

A new milestone for our community – The strong promoters and users community, that recently reached and overcame 20.000 subscribers, represents the added value to better know and understand the service marketed from Swag. Q&A sessions, but also meetings, calls, weekly appointments and the opportunity to interact directly both with the company and with the promoters nationwide.

Growing goals – Swag is growing on a daily basis with the clear goal of becoming the reference point for those who want to enter the mining world, both in terms of b2c mining, offering the end user an intuitive and easy to manage product, and in terms of storage and use of accumulated btc, offering the Swaggy wallet that represents the real gateway in this world.

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